March / September 2012,

  Ensemble Nostri Temporis

   (Dirigent: Grzegorz Wierus)

     Video: Johannes Mayrhofer

… t .. r . a .ces  -  FUSION


  (opt. + Live-Video with „modul8“)

ca. 7:00 min

I was always very fascinated of the similarity between macrophysics and microphysics. A lot of structural elements seem to follow the very same rules and processes, both for planets/galaxies as for atomic nuclei.

Inspired by the phenomenon of nuclear fusion, where two or more single nuclei join (“fuse”) together and thus release a huge amount of energy, this piece develops a non linear climax, which suddenly “explodes” and creates new material and new structures.

For the artistic point of view, the work here was a lot about the change of our perception (both in music and in graphics). One of the main topics of this piece are the changes from chaos to structure, from single particles to groups and combined elements, from noise textures to concrete motives and definite lines.

The video parts are mainly created and combined in realtime (only little loops where preproduced) which allows to react freely to the music, played by the ensemble.

For me, this is always a very important fact, that the musicians don't have to follow the film, but that they can play freely and the technique will follow the music!

I want to give a “special thanks” to my brother Johannes for the fantastic and inspiring collaboration on the video concept.

Ensemble Nostri Temporis

  Kiev (Ukraine)

Conductor - Composer


Gregor A. Mayrhofer © 2016 – Impressum

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Recording of the premiere